Muhle Kosmo Olive traditional shaving safety razor


This Modernist razors sleek design is both practical and fashionable, it’s handle is hue from olive wood making this a timeless piece.The head is set at a mid aggressive angle which a lot of seasoned wet shavers prefer. It is a solid 3 piece head, which is chrome plated it unscrews easily for blade replacement and cleaning.

The Kosmo range are great razors which have been noted in the Independant online. see link

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The Muhle Kosmo Olive traditional shaving safety razor, by Edward. This unique razor Is made from the solid ancient Olive wood, this Is an excellent material that Is very durable. The Kosmo has an excellent shape that is akin to the styles of the 1960s, It has proven so diverse If you look at the rest of the Kosmo Safety razor range. The handle fits snugly In the hand with this cone shape and 94 mm in overall length. The overall weight Is 64 g which feels perfect.

Traditional shaving Is a great Joy and safety razors are either, aggressive, middle or non. The Kosmo Is middle. We feel this Is a great compromise of styles as It will provide the customer, with a close but safe shave. With Its closed comb head which Is common for most Muhle. The Kosmo Is a 3 piece razor, and the head Is plated chrome. The double edged blade sits fastened by a screw cap, which with such a solid mechanism Is unbreakable.

At Edward’s we sell 8 varieties of double edged blades for you to choose from, a part of the fun of traditional shaving Is choosing the right blades for you. Also technique Is Important, we have a lot of different posts on our blog regarding technique. Why not have a look rather than calling us up and asking us really silly questions. Just Joking we would love to hear from you.

The Muhle Kosmo Olive traditional shaving safety razor by Edward.