Feather WS-D1S traditional shaving Safety razor


This Feather razor was handcrafted in Japan and the care that has gone into this piece makes it one you don’t want to go without.  The dark resinimpregnated laminated wood is made by a slow watering of the wood in resin, this special technique keeps the natural structure of the wood and makes it water resistant-the wood stands out beautifully against the stainless steel. More so, this piece is perfectly balanced so that the weight is in the head not the handle meaning you get highly responsive feedback from the blade when shaving. Each feather razor is paired with a sturdy holder.




The Feather WS-D1S traditional shaving Safety razor at Edwards. Is the highest end razor from Feather, also It comes with a stand of the same material. Master crafted out of stainless steel this 110 mm safety razor Is also part wood. Viewed as a non aggressive razor the WS-D1S will carefully shave any hairs on your face. Unlike harsher razors this Is an everyday razor to keep a clean shaven face. This most excellent razor takes double edged blades and comes with a pack of 5 Feather blades.

Noted as the sharpest available to man, forged In Seiko Japan which was the helm of blade making during the ancient Samurai era. This excellent traditional shaving razor weighs 70 g which Is a nice weight for It’s size. Also the wood on the razor that makes up the body of the stand and the safety razor Is laminated In this process the wood Is soaked 5 times In resin,creating a water proof seal.The stand matches the razor In every way, and both are branded with the Feather logo. Engineered to perfection this Is a razor for life. Also easily cleaned and blades replaced, with the screw cap 3 piece head and body. Traditional shaving with a safety razor of this quality will be a real Joy.

Edwards will deliver this fine safety razor to you for free within the UK. Internationally at a very reasonable rate. Please contact us If you have any questions not covered by the product description.

Feather WS-D1S traditional shaving Safety razor, regards The Edwards Team.

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