Feather ASD2 safety razor




Edwards traditional shaving emporium have admired the Feather ASD2 safety razor from a Jealous distance. That all changed this year as we became official retailers of Feather razors.

This handcrafted Japanese safety razor comes from the Seiko Region, which has an ancient history of Samurai sword making. Japanese steel Is considered the finest In the world, and the Feather ASD2 safety razor Is certainly a fine razor.

It Is considered a non aggressive razor as has less blade visible from the guard. This means less cuts, and a very safe everyday shave. There are certainly some safety razors on the traditional shaving market that I would avoid at 7am In a rush, but this razor Is not one of them.

Weighing In at 91g to It’s 94mm, the Feather ASD2 safety razor Is sturdy to handle, and provides a solid shave. The knurling on the handle creates excellent grip whilst wet.Feather double edged razor blades are considered the sharpest In the universe, sharper than wolverine claws. Inside the top not box pictured, you will find 5 spare blades. Guy’s this Is a razor for life and It could be delivered to your door tomorrow.

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