Why shave

I safety razor shave for a number of reasons. But to be clean shaven is not as common as it was in decades passed. As a bit of a rugged few day’s growth has become fasionable. Some men are very handsome and it doesn’t matter if they have facial hair. Other people are very ugly and having a bit of long stubble will make their face worse. An unshaven face represented the slovenly before now. I still maintain that only certain men can wear a few days growth well. I am not one of those men.

If I don’t shave I feel dirty and and greasy. As facial hair and particularly stubble isn’t cleaned properly. I heed warning to anyone who clippers there face with a trimmer set on grade three. These chin ornaments are rarely washed. Also I often sadly see friends of mine who look greasy as flip. Who rest on the laurel of fasion. Hiding behind the fact they can’t be bothered to wash and shave.

The world respond better to a tidy man. Also your future self will shudder to think how little you bothered. I get caught out, like the other day with not looking great. In my defence the builders had taken over my bathroom. But I am responsible for my own face. I had seen a attractive hairdresser that works near me. Whilst out to lunch we had a brief conversation but it was cut short.  By my introduction and by my unkept image. Not to mention her having eyeballs that presumably functioned.  However today I shaved with several strong passes with my safety razor of choice. Using a top shaving cream and brush. I also conditioned my hair adding a good paste into it as gel is for losers.

Safety razor

I walked passed her shop with a new confidence. To which she gave me a nice look. What a difference is made by a bit of traditional gent’s grooming. Also when you set a bar of good grooming. You set a standard for yourself that people will expect. To relapse into a grubby image is a bad move. Although you are only a few days away from it. My suggestion to most guys is shave or if you do have facial hair wash it.

Safety razor perfection