From 2011 there has been a noticeable resurgence in traditional shaving, in Britain. Also for traditional barbering services like the wet shave.

The wet shave has changed over the years for one simple factor being the tool changing from the trusted straight razor, to the shavette for health and safety reasoning. Mainly due to the rise of A.I.D.S in the 1970’s and knowledge of other blood born virus. The shavette was introduced as it has disposable blades which legally have to be changed for every customer and the handle to be submerged in barbicide.

This new method made the old trusty straight razors illegal to use on the public. with the correct care and maintenance a straight razor is safe but I can understand the change in protocol. Sadly the quality of shaves have suffered due to it.

The shavettes flimsiness and lack of blade length makes it a more of a difficult tool to master. With the new craze of professional wet shaving, relatively Inexperienced barbers were given a crash course in using them and then for there services charging the public sometimes £50 a shave.

Chins were cut, complaint’s were made and in some cases settlements were dealt. Some barbers took it off the menu as the reputations were being damaged profusely. This would have been limited with the trusty straight razor for it’s formidable sturdiness and length .

Shaving should not be rushed, and it should not be taught to quickly, historically barbers were taught by there fathers from barbering families.

This tradition is maintained in the London’s Turkish and Italian barbers, who yes use shavettes but with what seems to be an ancient skill.