The Real Sweeney Todd by Edwards traditional shaving.

I was under the Impression that Sweeney Todd was fictional. It turns out that the grim traditional shaving story, Is based on relatively accurate truths. The only thing that was manufactured In the story, was the trap door that lead to his wives pie shop.

Born In 1756 Todd had a fractured East end slum childhood. Abandoned by his parents he became an apprentice to a straight razor maker In Holborn. He was Imprisoned for theft when he was 14, where he became a barbers apprentice. One of his duties being lathering  and shaving the necks of convicts, about to be executed, possibly adding to his madness.

On leaving prison he worked as a barber, providing wet shaves for a penny. Until he saved enough to lease his own shop near Hyde park. The process of traditional wet shaving would have been similar to today. The shaving brush the tallow soap, the use of a leather strop. Although straight razors were wedged shaped as the process of hollow grinding, was yet to be Invented.

Barbers were also surgeons and would perform minor operations, like tooth pulling and bleeding. But Todd would take this too far by one day slicing a drunk merchant’s throat, for making a pass at his then wife Lovett. This seems to be his first murder, he then In gangster fashion went on to rob and kill rival barber shop owners, and robbing and even killing there shop boys. One of who’s duties, would be to run to the bank with the weeks wages. Todd was eventually captured and Imprisoned and later executed at the age of 46.

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The Real Sweeney by Todd Edwards traditional shaving

Regards Edward.