The Zen of traditional shaving

By Edward

I used to use disposable razors. My worst experience using them, was In a Chinese bathhouse In Yantai. We went straight from a local bar and spent the night at a particular one as perusal on a Friday night. I showered in a drunkard haze and decided It was a good Idea to loose my fortnight of beard.

There was a bathroom section with a sink that had free tooth brushes, razors and shaving foam. I readily tore one open and went at my stubble/beard. I was halfway through my cheek, when I realized In my drunken haze the blade was blunt. Opening another, and repeating the process. Realizing shortly that the razors were of Inferior craftsmanship, and ripping open another pack. I almost forgot there was skin under my beard, 5 razors down my face was bloody. Friends and China men looked on in disbelief when I opened the tenth razor as the sink filled with shaving detritus.  I was prodded by a worker at the situation to which I snarled.

Shaving drunk Is a bad Idea at best of times. Now I neither drink nor use Inferior shaving products. I use a range of high end traditional shaving products, like tallow based shaving soaps. Or excellent natural shaving creams and shaving oils. I realize that the preparation Is as Important as the shave Itself.

Getting Into Straight razor shaving, was a real thrill. I mean the Image is super cool and gangster. Who wouldn’t take a cutthroat user seriously, and It is far safer than presumed. Traditional shaving for me Is a relaxing time that boosts sense of self. I feel It’s old decorum and revel in the process.

I daily use a safety razor, at the minute I’m using a Fatip Gentile which I adore. It is a small non aggressive razor that I can comfortably do several passes without any rash or cuts.

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The Zen of traditional shaving