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As a traditional shaving company, Edward’s has always prided It’self on knowledge of straight razors. The stropping the honing and the using. Choosing straight razor blade types, Is an Important and fun

part of the process.

Firstly the metal all straight razors are steel, carbon or stainless. I prefer stainless as It is the easier hone, but some prefer carbon as it lasts longer. I have had grief with carbon blades and not managed to pass the hanging hair test with me trying.

The other choice you may have Is with point see Picture. Rounded tips are potentially safer than square for the corners, but I particularly like the aesthetics of a square point.

Another feature Is the grind as technology evolved so did the skills of the cutlers making the razors. Starting with a wedge and since the 1920s when straight razors were mass produced a hollow grind giving making the blade so very thin.

Here Is an example of a round nosed stainless straight razor that we sell. Dovo are a German traditional shaving company from Solingen which Is the best metal region. Like Sheffield Is to England. They are from personal experience, easy to maintain and really great to use, this one has a African wood handle.

Straight razors have a lot of bad press, perhaps due to the fact they are terrifyingly also called cutthroats. And also they are synonymous with crime In the early 20th century. But quite frankly we think that’s cool

The straight razor Is a safe traditional shaving tool, the blade Is so long it is difficult to cut yourself. They are also a real rush to use, I get a real buzz using one and successfully shaving so very close. ┬áSure traditional shaving takes a little longer to do, but this Is a great time of reflection. It also fills me with an esteem that you won’t get from a Bic and some foam.

Straight razor blade types

By Edward

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