Straight razor or Safety razor traditional shaving

I love straight razors. I get a real buzz out of honing and stropping steel. I also enjoy shaving with something that is potentially lethal. But are they all that dangerous?

Perhaps welded by a maniac In the street, but as a shaving tool. They are ever so safe.

In fact If a layman buys a safety razor, and Immediately starts hacking hair of his face, can be far more hazardous. As there Is so much length to a straight razor, there is little risk of the corners penetrating skin.

To avoid any danger with safety razors. I would recommend a beginner purchasing either a non aggressive safety razor, or a medium aggressive. For example the gentila by Fattip looks excellent, I have one in gold. What makes it gentile is lesser blade that is revealed by the guard. In the Gentila’s case, very little. Some with thicker hair, may choose a medium aggressive safety razor. A great example of this Is any muhle closed comb razor. Edward’s are an official retailer of Muhle and It Is great to supply there awesome products.

The straight razor Is more time consuming than the safety, this is true. But the enjoyment that I get from a straight razor, Is something I could not do without.  Even a mach 3 can be detrimental to a night at the Ritz, if one is sloppy. Remembering electric razors are for scumbags. So take care whatever your piece.

I use a good pre shave oil that lubricates particularly the neck. Stopping any rash, which I am sadly prone too. Using a hot brush and decent cream definitely Improves the chances of not getting cut.

I thought before that the tighter the skin the better the shave, I now believe this to be nonsense. As If the skin Is tight, there Is more chance of cutting.