Straight razor maintenance by Edwards traditional shaving

There is a misconception about buying a shave ready straight razor, In actual fact you can’t use one immediately from the company. For example If you were to buy a Dovo straight razor you would need to strop it before It’s use. My tried and tested way Is the eight and eight method. Firstly you will need a canvas backed leather strop. The fact that straight razor set’s are sometimes sold without a strop is absurd and takes advantage of the beginner shavers lack of knowledge. A stainless steel straight razor should be stropped eight and eight times before every shave. I tighten the strop on a clothes hook and lightly glide the blade up and down avoiding any scraping. Which might sound and look cool but is detrimental to the process. Strop on the canvas first and finish on the leather.

Traditional shaving with a carbon steel straight razor will need less maintenance as It is a harder metal. Nonetheless I have had great difficulty Honing and stroping carbon steel straight razors. In fact the traditional shaving enthusiast will need to use a heavy honing block like a 1000 grit then use 1500 then a 2000. I would suggest a stainless steel bladed cut throat to any starter they are easy to sharpen. Rinse well after use and dry.

Traditional shaving is a fun skill for any information or questions you may have on straight razors please contact us.