Simpson’s traditional shaving brushes

We at Edwards love┬áSimpson’s traditional shaving brushes. They’re stout and sturdy design really does pack a great deal of hair Into the knot. A lot of the shaving brushes are best badger, which Is about middle of the hair grade range. The basic being pure badger next Best, then super, then silver tip. Best Is a great all round brush grade as It caters for those who also like a rougher brush to exfoliate.

Simpsons brushes were formed In 1919 In London’s East End. Britain still has a strong traditional shaving brush Industry, where as other aspects of traditional shaving have migrated. Simpsons during the 1940’s where heavily bombed in the Blitz, and therefore moved to the west country, and then to the Isle of Man. Simpsons brushes Joined forces with Vulvix traditional shaving company, who also make very well branded shaving brushes and mugs. They are truly an English company, Just like Simpson’s.

Simpsons trade mark acrylic is a light tobacco colour, our favorite aspect Is there exceptional logo. Staying the same for 100 years, to me it has an elegance, the gold and black contrast with each other so well. But It also has a utilitarian look that was so current with the movements at the time. Being the Bauhaus movement and the consumerist Industrialization that was happening throughout the world.

Edwards traditional shaving Emporium has Its heart In the East End of London. Starting as a stall In Spitalfield’s market, we feel we owe English shaving companies like Simpsons brushes respect and endorsement. As they are by far our seniors and owe they’re history and lineage so much.

We feel as a company we have achieved a great deal In the last 5 years, and we look forward to bringing out our new soap next month. It Is so very East London.

Simpsons Emperor 2 Super badger shaving brush