Shaving fast

Not everyday can we take our time with a luxurious shave. Sometimes, and at the worst time you can cut yourself. A handy old trick if you do get a gash, is to spray the area with cologne. This due to alcohol, will seal the cut very promptly. A purist will use a traditional coagulant like alum, or a styptic pencil. I have witnessed a customer in a rather expensive straight razor shave, once applied with a styptic. Flip out at the barber and say “what are you doing.” I then Intervened and explained that it will only hurt for a short amount of time. “What a wimp!” I chortled to myself, he must have been a molly coddled man, with a priviliged expectancy of life. Alum block is slightly softer and refined and is generally that bit softer. I would watch any other parts of your body you wish not to shink though. Seriously there have been reports of people having less manhood so to speak.

Shaving shop

In a quick shave, I will use a either a non aggressive razor. Like a Fatip Gentila or a Feather AS-D2. I will always use a shaving soap and a shaving brush. It is is only momentarily faster than using shaving foam. Shaving foam Inadequately moisturizes the beard, and doesn’t hold heat. Which will make your shave more prone to cuts, especially If you use a blunter blade.

I will also use a cartridge razor no problem, a sharp cartridge razor will plough of any grain. A blunter one will leave you In a right old state. The secret Gillette don’t want you to know is, you can sharpen cartridge razors. Just think, why not? I mean It’s metal and it was initially sharpened.  Technique wise, I would recommend seeing your face in sections. The cheeks the tash the neck under the chin. Also the elusive back of Jaw. When shaving quick, don’t miss this last bit. You will look a right mug son. Shave with the grain and do a good Job, one pass will do.