Shaving soap

Clean shaving was hugely popular during the 18th century. A memorable fashion at the time were the Fops, whom where the aristocracy. A rather effeminate era of manhood and a time where men would wear wigs and powder there faces with lead. Yes lead the poisonous metal. As a reaction against this pontification, beards became abundant In Victorian times, and of course the mustache.

Carters botanic shaving soap was popular at the time for traditional shaving, be it a straight razor shave at the barbers. Or shaving yourself with a primitive safety razor.

Carters soap was sort after due to It’s almond taste, which was due to potassium cyanide being an Ingredient.

In 1987 Arnold Cooley was the first evaluate the Ingredients of soaps and other cosmetics. And was the first to make the standard poison labels on such bottles. A lot of the old perfumes contained poisons and unethical animal products, like the feline urinary gland. Even some of channel’s fragrances contained this, and to coincide with modern regulations, cannot be made to the traditional recipe.

In 1963 after reports that people were becoming Intoxicated on using aftershaves, Just from the vapor fumes. lead too extensive Ingredient reforms. A modern Issue effecting the perfume Industry critically, Is the banning of the use of oak moss. Due to the 0.1 percent of the population being allergic. If this was to come to be, Channel will have to alter there range and even perhaps not make Channel no 5.

Carters botanic traditional shaving soap

As a traditional shaving company a modern task for us. Is to obtain shaving soaps and creams that contain no foaming agents, like SLS for example. We have a collection of natural to organic, and even some vegan cosmetics. With antioxidant’s like charcoal which will pummel your skin with goodness. We stock after shave balm which Is also naturally based and contains no alcohol.

Carters botanic traditional shaving soap

By Edwards