Old school shaving shop

I shave at the moment about twice a week. I realize that this statement has shocked and even disturbed some of our readers. For this I apologize, but as I am most days greasing the cogs of this magnificient shaving company. I am finding myself shaving with a safety razor on a friday night for a weekend of frolics, and also on the odd day that I hit the town In the week. I feel okay with slight stubble, with the knowledge  that it will be removed when in polite company.

My father of all people asked me how to keep stubble at a certain length. I told him to sling his hook and after a while told him the only way was with an electric razor. I find it Ironic that one my dad was trying to be cool. But also that the purpose of having stubble, was to not really care about facial hair maintenance. But the cutting of this stubble at a certain length to attain a late George Micheal look is quite the opposite of the lumber jack Image.

My Father Is 67 surely he should give up on fake fasion trends? Like when he gave up on me when I told him I wanted to become an astronaught when I was 8.

I always use a shaving brush when I shave, and my mitchell’s shaving soap seems to be everlasting. Seriously It really is never ending. I love the paraphenalia of gents grooming. It fills me with an esteem that from using it before I go out, seems to stay with me all day. Especially a great cologne, which finishes off any shave. I will Introduce a cologne section on the site at some point so hang tight. We will have some great scents to follow.