Shaving shop

With a new order of Fatip razors, Edward’s the shaving shop is all stocked and ready to rock. These lightweight Zinc safety razors are great everyday razors. We particularly like the Gentila style of non aggressive razors. Which are a careful yet consistent shave. Also fresh orders of Shaving creams from our friends at Muhle in there most popular of scent Aloe vera. Also another best seller is the Simpson’s peppermint and rosemary shaving cream. These high quality creams will burst into flavour, whilst providing you with the thickest of lather. Your razor of choice will peel any hairs of your face.

As summer is almost here people tend to want to loose they’re beards, the clever ones anyhow. We are the first in line for limited numbered razors from companies like Ikon and Feather. Our shaving shop has these overseas products ready for your purchase. We are firm advocates that a true shaver should try different DE blades, we have a wide range of different thickness and coated blades. Everyones stubble is as unique as a fingerprint and despite our expert help. The only way to find your favourite products is to try them out. Blades are cheap enough to try different ones regularily. Another brilliant way to try new blades, is the Edward’s Anti plastic shaving subscription.

With It you will recieve 2 months supply of different safety razor blades. We have a lot of blades from unusual small companies from around the globe, a great thing to take note of is the thickness of blade. Different people find different blades more effective. I particularily like non aggressive razors with thin blades, like Lord greens.

The Edward’s home products are top notch, they are currently all In a timeless chrome. They will make the drabbest of bathrooms look classy. With a great relationship with companies like Morgans Pomade, or Taylor’s of Bond street. We have a great grounding, as a solid English shaving shop. Also Edward’s prides Itself on a sense of English Identity. We are loved by people all over the world for our style.

Edward’s the shaving shop

Also Edward’s prides Itself on a sense of English Identity. We are loved by people all over the world for our style many enjoy the Edwardian era. Which Edward’s embraces. Everyone loves the English gentleman, for eccentric anecdotes. Or his bowler hat and umbrella. But mainly the fact that he clean shaves with a fanciful razor. We sell straight razors and will comprehensively teach you how to use one. Also how to hone and maintain one, at Edward’s the shaving shop.