Shaving shop and gifts for old friends

I was excited to meet old work collegues last Friday, In my old stomping ground Oxford. I was so excited as it had been 1o or so years. I also brought along some safety razors as gifts. After a chat for a while and some Jokes about what was In my black bag. I brought out the Edward’s shaving goods. The first said. “My dad used to have one of these, lethal.” He remarked. Another also turned up his snout. I was quite afronted by his barbed quip as shaving is my life, not only my business. But a ritual In which I enjoy. For me It is making the most of a natural occurance, and relishing it. To ride with the worlds currents is a much better way to live.

I put my razor’s away In my bag and sat down like a child whos project wasn’t up to scratch. They limbered up with drinks and the banter started rolling. We talked about old ridiculous Christmas parties and traded lude annocdotes. I reminded them of when I fell asleep after a party on the 280 bus and woke up locked in at the Aylesbury bus station.

The night continued as more old faces turned up. I again popped out the safety razor’s this time too keen ears. I presented them to two of the pack and gave them an option of the Italian Fatip Gentila or the Edward’s Lifetime. Both were keen and had a little experience, and moreso keen. When I explain the quality of shaving prowess both razor posessed. These two left happily garnishing the evening with thankyou’s. I then noticed the two other earlier mockers that looked rather Jealous and then Intrigued about the remaining razors. Finally Gratitude.

Shaving shop and gifts for old friends.