Shaving Drunk

Shaving drunk is a mistake. Shaving the drunk is also a terrible Idea. I particularly fancied a hairdresser in liverpool street. She said occasionally a drunk city worker would frequent the chair. One in particular stood out to her. This chap fell asleep in the chair after he made a pass at her. He also tried to fight a member of staff. Geniously they did no cutting of hair. However they woke him up telling him they had given him an excellent cut. He then payed and left. The problem with dealing with the public is these sorts.

Everyone has nailed themselves with a bad shaving experience. My worst was in china when I was seriously drunk in a bath house. I had a few weeks growth and wanted to shave it off. Worst mistake as disposable chinese razors are, or certainly these were. Of an extremely poor quality. Ten razors down, my face pummled blood into the sink. It’s amazing a razor could cut skin so well and hair not. I was eventually aided by an onlooker. Who pitied my drunken depraved state. By lending me a well known branded cartridge razor.

Danger aggressive safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor can be hazardous drunk or not. I jumped into a bath once with a mirror as I wanted to try shaving this way. It was quite a common thing to do in the first part of the 20th century. Also it seemed a relaxing thing when I had a little time. The first stroke I bounced the razor off my throat. Thus severing the left flank of my neck. Bad times my friends. Realizing I needed some medical attention. I rammed as much styptic pencil as I could into it. Very little blood came out of my neck thanks to the styptic. However what did was black.  knowing this could end in my death, I took the rest of the day off. I was using the R41 a savage beast. I would only recommend this to a hard skinned thick bearded tough guy.

Non plastic shaving