Safety razors for women

In the last year ladies have been picking up safety razors. Before cartridges or wax you had no choice anyway.  I suspect that the rise of Safety razors for women comes from global issues with waste. As our seas are plastic ridden you gallant lot are looking for ways to reduce plastic. De razors take disposable blades for sure. But they aren’t plastic where as cartridges are. Researching the subject has lead us to find. That number 7 on the disposable plastic list are razors and cartridges.

Don’t get me wrong steel production makes fumes that arent great for the climate. However the current issue is plastic in sea, which is being addressed by governments and activists. It really is nice to see people chipping in. De blades even if they go to landfill will biodegrade by rusting. Plastic only breaks down to particle level which will make it’s way into the sea.

There were a number of lady shavers throughout the 20th century. One of which was called the nymph which sounds more like a sex toy. But it was infact a razor. Lady shavers were more lightweight to be fair I can understand this design. However we aren’t talking about rought iron bikes. A razor is a light object anyway that always takes the same size blade. The following is some suggestions for safety razors for women


I would suggest certain razors to the ladies being less aggressive ones. As most women have lighter hair, I would suggest razors like Muhle. Which are a pretty fool proof way to shave your legs. Muhle make middle priced razors a real favorite is the R89. Which is a lovely chrome safety razor. Using one needs a 30 degree angle, which takes a little getting used to. As modern cartridge blades adjust to the angle.

Fatip razors

Another great less expensive razor is the Fatip Gentile range. I have banged on about these a fair amount over the last year for good reason. They are a non aggressive razor that are pretty inexpensive. They however really do have a great mechanism that seems to plough through hair.

This 1950s company makes design conscious razors. Which are Art Deco styled still. They have a rather nice gold number that has proven popular with the glamorous types. See attached picture and link for purchases.

Feather razors

Feather are a Japanese brand that are at the more expensive end of the safety razor market. These are hand made of stainless steel in Seko city. A region known for Samurai swords. These are heavier than the other two, however they feel amazing to shave with. Also the designs are so very cool making you the envy of your mates.

Shaving technique

Shaving is easy with a safety razor. Especially with less aggressive razors. However I would suggest at the begining stages of shaving with one. Is to use small strokes. These razor are safe but take a little getting used to. Also I would suggest purchasing a styptic like Alum or a styptic pencil to quickly top any annoying cut. However my suggestions of razors above are safe choices. I would definitely recommend these to any woman wanting to make the jump to De shaving.

Muhle R89 safety razor


Feather ASD2 safety razor

The Fatip gold Gentila safety razor