Which safety razors?

Which safety razors should I choose? the first question you should ask yourself Is not necessarily, which one can I afford? It should be, which level of aggression should I go for. Here are the several groups along with examples.

Aggressive safety razors.

Usually but not always with an open comb, these will take any amount of hair off. But might be a bit ruthless for the everyday shaver. Here are a few models noted for aggression. Muhle R41, Fatip classic, the Ikon B1. Note that some men have very coarse hair, which makes these razors useful.

Muhle R41 traditional safety razor

Safety razors

Middle aggressive safety razors.

Most safety razors are in fact middle aggressive. These closed comb razors are considered the best all rounders. For length, coarseness of hair and how often you shave. A lot of modern safety razor manufacturers, use middle aggressive as a standard.  Razors to consider are any Muhle any Timor and our home brand, The Edward’s lifetime razor.


Safety razors

Non aggressive safety razors.

Edward’s has spent a lot of focus on this style of razor over the last year, as we have found that It is a great way to every day shave. It’s quick to whip off stubble and they are relatively forgiving. These are easy and dynamic to use, it’s always good to not have a blunter side of razor as they won’t adequately work. There Is something satisfying about using one though. Razors Include, The Fatip Gentile, the Feather AS-D2.

Edwards shaving

We shave a lot, we sell safety razors for a living. We try to cater for every customers need. Also sticking to a keen trust policy, we have not yet let down a customer. Despite having some tricky ones. We love to talk razors and will answer any questions you may have on them. Our lines are open for you to ask. Which safety razors should I choose?

We also have a solid amount of information on shaving technique on this fine blog, which we are so very proud to administer.

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