Safety razors

Safety razors and there development by Edward.

The safety razor was first patented in 1888 by the American Kampf brothers. Also the difference from today’s was the actual blade was non disposable. Therefore the owner would have flicked up the guard and honed it on a block. The safety razors guard as pictured would have been quite distant and exposed a great deal of blade. I would like to get my hands on one to experiment but with a great deal of cation. I would imagine most people would have cut themselves less with a straight razor but hey! That’s development.

Ironically Jack the ripper was at large in foggy London at this time, only if he considered the emerging safety razor industry there would have been considerably less damage to the community.

Safety razors

Safety razors



Safety razors and there development

In 1901 King Gillette, King was his first name although he was the king of shaving. As he produced the worlds first disposable safety razor blade. Which was a single blade. The Kampf brothers developed there razors in accordance with this. The difference being from today’s safety razor blades is they were single bladed. Although you can buy single bladed safety razors which made a come back a couple of years ago. King Gillette realised the potential market with the coming war, as a shaven face fitted a gas mask better. So were commissioned to provide the united states army with a razor and blades in a field kit. This savvy man was soon a millionaire.

Safety razors

DE blades and TTO safety razors.

Double edged blades came around in the 30’s simplicity at it’s best. Now blades lasted twice as long. Safety razors still are using the 3 piece design today. With the mentality if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

In the 1960 s the safety razor blades were carbon steel, changing then to stainless. Probably due to moisture staining. Also TTO or twist to open safety razors were invented. Which was a rather wonderful opening, with a twist and a butterfly parting although they look nice the mechanism can break. Unlike the bomb proof screw cap safety razor.

Gillette in the 1960’s also invented the Adjustable. With a 1-9 adjustment which was quite brilliant in fact. This was copied by the Merkur Futur in the 1990 s. This is and still probably always will be the height of safety razor design.  Unless any readers fancy having a go at being an Inventor.

There has been more emphasis in the last 10 years on non aggressive razors, from which the scale was described in some of my previous posts.

Regards Edward.