Safety razor

It’s hard to choose my favourite type of razor. My safety razor collection has gentle models and more aggressive. Right now I am enjoying the solid control gained from a Muhle R89. I feel the benefits of it’s solid build. Despite being a middle aggresive razor it is very gentle. Making me think it should really be in the non aggressive market. I also enjoy my Fatip razor which is zinc cast. The razor is very solid and trust worthy. It seems to really plough through any hair I have. The design makes a real plough for cutting through the grain. It is slightly cruder than the Muhle as it is cast in molds. The Muhle however is handmade and layered from brass. The razor is chrome plated and finished by rolling and marking. Both are wonderful razors which get results that I alternate between.

More or less blade

More blade takes more skill. If you are going for a more aggressive razor. I suggest starting with a thin blade. I enjoy using more aggressive razors as I get that bit closer. The Edward’s lifetime razor is middle aggressive. However it exposes a lot of blade for the shave. Cleverly designed it provides a flexibility in the blade. This makes you take off hair safely and easily. It’s a fun razor to use that gets really close.

Favorite shavers

This is a tough one. I usually go through fazes with one razor. Also as a shaving business owner it’s important to try out different models. I have used Ikon razors with great success. This American company makes a limited amount anually. So snap them up gentlemen as they go pretty quick. They are solid razors that have an industrial vibe, despite being military named. Going to one every morning you feel like you are really special to have it.  They are heavy and knurled and pretty aggressive. It provides me with a bit of a rush for the day. As if I tame a beast every morning that makes me feel like a man.

Having nice shaving gear provides me with a self esteem. To not have decent essentials devalues yourself. Not only this but in the long run. You are buying into something that is more economic. Shaving soaps last for ages a big one like a year. Buying packs of blades at a time is so much cheaper. I have had a 5 various packs I choose from. I enjoy comparing the life in the blade use. Then I laugh at how inexpensive it is.

My safety razor method