Safety razor shaving

If you don’t have a beard you shave. Wether it’s once a week or everyday. I am a every day or every two day shaver, therefore I value my safety razor as a life tool. A razor isn’t a one off tool that you need for a specific job. Like a magnet on a string which is only purpose is to retrieve metal objects which have fallen down drains. That has come into use once in your professional life. A razor is something that is a tool for constant manintenance. My mother used to buy me a bag of bics every 6 months or so and also a can of presurized foam. As this was the same method of shaving used too shave her beard off, when the circus wasn’t in town. I alway’s viewed shaving as a nuisance and once or twice even had the lack of dignity enough, to try and burn off my teenage fluff with a cigarette lighter. I cringe at this memory as I am obviously now shaving royalty. Now my shaving shelf is worth a few bob and for good reason. One of which is that I work in the high end shaving Industry. Another is that gent’s grooming as a lifestyle choice is key to a happy existence. When I summarize the golds and chromes, and the vintage and modern shaving kit I have. I feel pride. Also It is my duty to condition this kit like a vain SAS soldier. I hate slovenly care of quality goods, people that treat there nice stuff like trash clearly demonstrate that they have a lack of respect for everything Including themselves. If you call us or email us we will tailor make you a shaving kit. I assure, you will be delighted with the results.

Fatip Gentile Black safety razor