Safety razor

I like to shave everyday. As to not look a total tramp. Also it creates less chance of missing hair. Also if there is any it wont be to long. I shaved this morning with 2 passes with Big Ben blades and my Fatip Gentile. I had got used to the R89 safety razor. Which needs to be held at a 30 degree angle for a good biting point for the blade. True the Fatip needs a high angle but not quite as much. There is also a bit more crudeness to the Fatip in terms of shaving. Don’t get me wrong. I love the shave it produces, but the shave is more consistant with the Muhle.


I chucked my brush and bowl into the hot sink. Also wetting my face until dripping. I dabbed the hot brush into my shaving cream until the arch of the head was covered. I then circulated it into the hot bowl with a tiny bit of water. Using an anti and clockwise motion. I generated lather which caped the brush. Then I painted it on my face, circulating it at times until my face and neck was white. I leave the safety razor in the hot water throughout this. Despite science telling me a colder blade is thinner. I do prefer a hot warm one. Saying that I would like to experiment with a cold wet razor. I have only tried before with a dry room temperature one to a hazardous effect.

However I shave down my cheeks usually with a diagonal angle. I use strokes of around an inch. But I would make them smaller if the razor was more aggressive. I relax my face which goes away from text book thought. Certain articles suggest a better shave is on tighter skin. With a non aggressive razor you can tighten the skin. However I would suggest any one using a middle aggressive razor, should do so on loose skin. It seems to act as a boyancy for not getting cut.

I employ direct singular downward strokes along my jaw line. As to not miss a hair as I have a strong celtic jaw. All faces are different however. Shaving the neck and throat. I cannot suggest enough that you should employ light pressured small strokes. Sometimes even taking off individual hairs. Also understanding the map of your grain is important. For example you could be shaving down your face. But the grain of parts of it could go up. Finishing the first pass I wet my face again and lather for the second. Now I shave against the grain and take off any hairs I have inevitably missed.  I enjoy this process and can take harder lines on the grain. To finish I hurl water onto my face in the shower and make sure I clean it well.

Some people may go for a third pass. I would imagine those people don’t have a job though or places to be. Unlike this hot stud from southern England.

Why shave?