R89 Safety razor

This is the best seller of Muhle the German shaving company by a long way. Which is an interesting thing to hear but not suprising. As it is the glittering jewell of Bavaria. People buy it for looks and possibly read a review and hopefully this review. I mean it does certainly look good due to it’s rolled patina. Making the chrome of the handle sparkle so. Up close and personal I notice amazing features of the safety razor being a slight curve on the lower head plate. Compacting the razor to make it fit better and provide more control. Also there is a nice weight to it due to the lined brass in the handle. The razor is made by the interesting company in East Germany, who have mitigated difficult times during soviet rule. Now a very design focused company that are a lifestyle brand.

The test

I lathered up with Simpson’s shaving cream and applied a millimeter thick lather to my face. Also my neck making sure I got all the rogue hairs on my abnormally hairy neck. I fitted the razor with the provided Muhle blade, which are firm and noted for being sharp. I started with ease and there was no snagging from this supremely built razor. Also I employed some fancy skilled shaving moves on my face as I felt safe. I then got to my Mustache which I had difficulty getting purchase on, as I expected it to be a closer shave. It however of course did come off. I was baffled though as I would compare this middle aggressive razor and the Muhle standard. To a non aggressive razor like feather which makes me place this on certainly the lighter side of the category.

Shaving my neck I felt comfortable and looked forward to a second pass. I did this with ease after lathering a second time and a third under my chin. I washed my face of the foam and jumped in the shower. On leaving the shower and I realized I had missed neck hair despite a second pass. I put this down to not being used to the safety razor and realizing it is such a peaceful tool. In the future I would need to be more vigilante with the strokes. However I am looking forward to using this incredible razor again.

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