The Safety razor first hit the market in late victorian times but were made readily available by the shaving super giant Gillette in the first world war for reasons of safety. The gas mask would be a tighter fit if the wearer did not have a ridiculous moustache and a tighter fit would mean less mustard gas in the lungs. It is, as simple as that. The safety razor of that time was relatively flat, wide headed and had a comb head, presumably to take off these massive tashes.

Unlike the one size fits all catridge razor culture of today, the safety razor nowhere days has several categories, Mild aggressive, Mid aggressive and aggressive and there are variations within these categories for example the comb length width, the head size ect.

I bought my first razor for the look, which was a near fatal error as i clutched my blood pouring neck from a bath shaving session with my R41 Muhle being one of the harshest razors on the market, I dove for the alum and ploughed it into the blackening cut saving me a trip to hospital. Alum is great stuff or styptic. The R41 is for the Irregular shaver who has a coarse beard. Now I am an everyday or near too shaver, with middle growth, I have given myself a Fatip Gentile it looks great,  I gave myself the gold one for bling factor , It is a non aggressive razor for me this is a great everyday razor it ploughs through short hair and will not give me any problems doing so I would recommend them to any beginner or everday shaver.

See link for more about the Fatip Gentila.

Enjoy your traditional shaving.

Regards Edward’s