Safety razor

Which Safety razor blades should I buy? There are so many. So lets look at your options which we have categorized. Now this is our opinion, we have used a safety razor for some time. Also we have worked in the barber industry. This leaves us with what you could call shaving experience.

Firm and sharp

Feather is a prime example of this also Muhle blades. Although muhle and feather make different style razors. Feather being non aggressive, and Muhle safety razors being aggressive. I would not recommend either with a shavette as they need a bit of bend. A safety razor user should expect a solid consistant shave, although this style D’E safety razor blade is not so forgiving. So I would recommend them to a more experienced safety razor shaver. Or perhaps the heavy bearded.

Thin and sharp

Lord and crown are prime examples of which there is a pliability about them. They using a good light safety razor technique, are great for a first time safety razor shaver. Or perhaps someone who has bought an aggressive safety razor and want’s to tone it down a little. A bend in the blade makes these razors more forgiving than the previous heading. Most of the Industry is now based in Egypt, also wilkinson sword. Which have moved there in recent years which can also be classed as thin and sharp.

Smooth safety razor blades

Derby and shark safety razor blades are two good examples of this. We would recommend these to an every day shaver, who is just starting of with safety razors. They are a kinder shave which are forgiving. Barbers who also use safety razor blades in they’re shavette should consider these as professional blades. As they are considerably more forgiving and when you have a customers this is important. We have heard of companies having issues with sharper blades cutting customers. Which have ended in lawsuits.

Which Safety razor blades should I buy?

The best way to find a safety razor blade which suits you, is to experiment. We at Edward”s have 9 varieties to choose from. There are also other things to consider. Very important things. Firstly if you have a really rough grain of stubble you perhaps should be going for the sharp razors. Also if you have moist soft skin it is our recommendation you go for the smooth variety.

Safety razor blades are inexpensive but choosing them can be tricky. So we hope this review has helped somewhat. We also realize choosing a safety razor can be tough which is why we have a broad range of styles that cater for different men. Also price range can be something to consider, but price doesn’t necessarily represent quality. We have some exceptional lower price safety razor brands with great build quality and engineering.

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