Beards and my experience

I had a beard once, when they were fasionable. It was 2013 and I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and I quite frankly wanted to see If I could grow one. After 3 months of looking like a scruffy mess, I began to cultivate a thick beard and moustache. Also I didn’t live in the most fasionable parts of greater London so I encountered comments. Comments from older men who thought a goatey was still the thing to sport. I conditioned my beard and looked after it’s ever changing state with a safety razor, and trimming it ect. It took a bit of upkeep but it looked okay so it stayed. There is a masculine factor in growing a beard, with so many imasculating factors in everyday male life. As long gone are the caves and the legality of the duel.

Not all women like beards

On Tinder you see a large amount of girls profiles saying they like tattoos and beards. Although admiring one from a distance is not the same as finding the lips inside of one. As I once found out. Imet an old girl friend whom I had always fancied. So did she until she saw me at the train station with my facial furniture. At home this European beauty asked me to shave it off and gave me an ultimatum. This was luckily wavered but there was no second encounter.


Every one had there say it seemed. It was quite boring infact, I still kept at the cultivation of the chin wig throughout a hot summer. Then one morning I awoke in a itchy fury and to the image of that of a cat on my face. I after a short deliberation walked to the bathroom honed my straight razor and cut all 8 stone of beard of my face. It felt orgasmic as if i was squeezing a massive zit.

Now it seems 5 years later that every Tom dick and harry has a beard. From bankers to shelf stackers. They walk around  thinking they are ike Hugh glass going about there day. My advice grow it and get rid of it quick, or if machoism is your beef then go and punch your dad. There are a large number of Instagram beard clubs, the only requisite being, that you have a beard. What an achievement lads congratulations. With slogans like, “my beard is not a trend” and Viking like sentiments. British youth culture must be as bland as anything, at least at least the new craze of moped gangs gets you out and about.

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