Safety razor

As strange as it may sound, but last night a safety razor saved my life. Not so much last night but more in my old life. I have as you can see created a rather appalling play on words based around the disco song by Indeep. However there is an element of truth in all of this. I used to not care about my personal appearance for a few reasons. One of which was my party lifestyle that led me to be weary for the week ahead, also the fact that I was poorly guided in my adolecense. Luckily my parents don’t read this, but they realize their failings due to me constantly reminding them.

The truth

The other and main convoluted point is, despite shaving in the 20th century was made for efficiency. It sure enough became a lot less glamorous. A moulded lump of plastic and some sports bag branding, was all I had to look forward too in the mornings. That and extortionate prices of cartridge blades. I sadly went one step lower and used the multipack bags of disposable razors. That’s right things were dire. I also spent a large amount of time in my teens without a girlfriend. I realize how ironic this is due to my social standing and great cheek bones. But it’s true, sometimes I applied deoderant but generally I did not compete with other peers.  Also i was in a vicious circle. Why shave? I asked myself, for I have not a girlfiend to take too the ball.

Then something big happened to me, which was my finding of traditional shaving. It represented a better era of mens elegance and also items that were made to last. None disposable goods made by craftsmen and used by gentlemen. Which is what a safety razor is really. I see it is as a lead guitarist and singer in the band. the shaving brush on base and the soap of my choice on drums.

We are driven by imagery, like the man saving for a mortgage imagines the modest house. The actor student imagines the oscars. When I shave now I immediately think of my high end shaving kit that provides me with an excellent shave.