Safety razor companies

This following blog is about the safety razor companies which we sell products of. Like Giesen and Forsthoff who are a 1920s German company. Who survived through difficult times throughout the 20th century and still make excellent product’s. During the 80s an 90s they were known for light weight short razors like the TTO which sport the butterfly mechanism. Which is a very traditional style of razor that spins to open and insert the DE blade.  These come in many colours and are relatively inexpensive. We have been outstanded in the companies new Vintage range which is bang on with a understatted cool. Using precious hard woods and plated chrome, they forge these excellent safety razors in Solingen the home of German shaving. They are rather large razors that are perfectly made which come in brilliantly presented boxes.

Taylors of old Bond Street

This great company started in 1845 as a barber shop. Mr Jeremiah Taylor was himself a barber who also made and sold lotions from oil extracts from the shop. In guess where? Bond street London. Now in Jermyn street they have perhaps the most abundant stock out of any gent’s grooming company anywhere. A strong safety razor they have made for sometime now is the 13500 which is nickle and a wonderfully ornate. The design has a great lattice work that is wonderfully cast. This slightly smaller razor has a wide head for really ploughing through that growth. It is a really elegant razor and we obviously support English Industry.

Fatip razors

These razors are quite the oddity. A 195o’s stylish company that again sell zinc razors that are cast at the factory in Italy. The style of razor is very Art Deco which we love. But the very unusual thing about them is they produce non aggressive and aggressive razors. There is no middle ground but we think it’s great we are given the extreme options. The hard shaving range is called Classic and the non aggressive is Gentile. I am also a sucker for a gold razor for reasons of glamour and arrogance.


We have a large amount of this German companies safety razors on the site. Known for there impeccable build quality, this family business started in 1945. In East Germany they made no profit under Soviet rule and survived and thrive today as one of the best shaving companies in the world. There best known razor is the R89 which is a real powerhouse it is chrome and perfectly machined. Muhle generaly make middle aggressive razors that are a great standard of shaving. They have a great choice and diverse range of style and pricing reflectively. Also they have a really top range which are limited edition that are made from precious wood and sterling silver.