Safety razor

Everyday wet shaving has been an Important ritual for most of the male population since Edwardian times. Before that the Moustache was a popular choice and also for the military, compulsary. Barbering and wet shaving came around in the 18th century where you could inexpensively have a shave. Although seemingly time consuming, the higher class gent would certainly have this treatment more regularily than the lower. The barber as still do, would use a straight razor. The safety razor came about in around 1860, although at the time the name was probably somewhat ironic.

Beards were before all the shaving, although shaving goes back to the ancient Greeks. It was time consuming and done will a lump of sharpened metal. Beards came back into fasion in the 1960’s to embrace the hippy culture. These seemed to have hung around until the late 1970’s. In and around 2010 we strarted seeing a rise in vintage fasion. I was scornful of this due to finding it thoroughly unimaginitive but looking at history this seems to be an occasional occurance. For example the renaissance which went on for around 800 years.

Vintage shaving too became popular in around 2012, but not with the Hipsters of East London and Berlin. It became apparent through collating data that there was a great difference between fasion and lifestyle culture. Most buyers were people who were facinated by how beautiful traditional shaving is. To compare a Muhle R89 to a Gillete fusion is impossible. Handling this chrome razor you realize the craftmanship and machining that goes into this flawless piece. People love the process of assembling and cleaning a safety razor, it’s a far cry from the disposable non esteem razor.

Birds like it

The girls which i occasionaly convince to spending time with me, definitely like the fact that I have a fancy shaving kit. I think because shaving is such an ordinary thing, they don’t expect to see a few high end pieces of metal in the bathroom. They thing wow this guy is pure class, he has nice stuff. They might even let you off having a pony car. The Edward’s home brand safety razor is shiny bit of kit, which will give you a boyant shave that will take off any length of stubble. At £25 it’s a steal, or you could buy a disposable and 3 packs of blades for £40? It’s your call wingnut.

Edward’s lifetime safety razor