Restoration of antique straight razors

This is massively my nerd outlet. I have substituted finance for perfection in this service for customers. But this isn’t about money, this is something far more interesting. Also safety razors won’t be mentioned in this blog as the blades are disposable they only need body maintenance.

I started restoring straight razors by request from a customer at my since gone market stall. Some of the guys would buy interesting 1920’s and 30’s razors in flea markets around london. However they would be as blunt as a spoon. essentially they were buying these curiosities to sit around in draws. Until the owner realized they were missing out on an amazing shaving experience.

I would be presented with these razors and was asked to make them shave ready. I would take them home and for about £30. Where i would restore and sharpen it.

To get the rust off use a heavy grit sand paper and go up a few grades. Ending on emery cloth.


You will need the following. Electrical tape, 1000 grit block, a strop which is canvas and leather. Strop paste.


Start on the block put the tape on the spine of the razor’s back. Otherwise you will scratch it horribly. You need to push on a block. When you get to the end roll on the spine and push the other way back. Water the block also and dont drag the blade. Repeat this method 50 times.

Put the strop paste on the canvas. This is the most important part of the process, as it is abrasive. Drag the spine up the strop you can remove the tape now. Pull the strop tight. At he top of the strop roll on the spine again. Always drag on the strop. Do say 50.  Repeat 8 passes on the leather then 8 on the canvas. Finish on the leather. After every shave do the 8 and 8 method. Restoration of antique straight razors is a the greatest thing.