Using a safety razor

Razor burn is an annoying part of shaving. A cause is certainly a lack of lubrication. Shaving foam on a cold throat doesn’t help at all. Disposable razors dragged across my adams apple often cained my throat and left it red. This is basically from taking the skin off a couple of layers. I don’t suffer from razor bumps but a lot of guys do. This is from ingrown folacles that become infected. For some reason these are in the same group as razor burn. However I think that these bumps can get razor burn and are more likely to. Due to the fact they stick out from the face. A safety razor can help prevent this as they exfoliate by cutting that bit deeper.

Bacteria and shaving

I would say this is a different type of rash all together. This is like an impetigo infection. However certainly bacteria can make these already skinned necks more aggressive and get infected. If you suffer from shaving rash and infections. You need to wash your neck before shaving. That I am sure will solve a lot of your issue.

Razor types

I have a manky fusion razor in my bathroom. However I don’t use at as I fear it might have anthrax spores on it. The thing with cartridge razors and disposable is the fact that they have gaps between the blades. This leads to gunk and grime being in between them. Therefore if you use them on a dry cold neck. You risk having infected burns. A single blade razor like a safety razor is perfect and sterile. The single blade is thrown away in a week and doesn’t have time to pick up bacteria.

A great aid if you have razor burn is aloe vera. You need to cool your neck down as it is burnt remember. Even plenty of cold water will help you out. I use a good balm anyway as this helps and they often contain cooling agents.


Shaving brushes and soaps

Let’s go back to the beginning lubrication stops burns. The process of traditional shaving is a warm wet one. Using a proper lather made well will lubricate your neck and providing the safety razor is sharp it wont burn. Also another great thing to use is of course shaving oil. This adds a barrier between your neck and the razor. It’s simple stuff guys get in touch for any products.

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