Psychology Mysticism and traditional shaving

By Edwards traditional shaving

It is a theory, that women are attracted to men who smell like there father.  Which Is why for sometime, I have broken Into the family homes of attractive women, and taken note of there dads unique cologne.

I Joke, but this Isn’t such a bad Idea. As children, we watch our fathers shave.  The boys longingly await the manhood that It represents, and the girl looks on In mystery at the masculine ritual. Perhaps with what Freud would call, Penis Envy. The process could also symbolize mans taming of his carnal Innards. Girls could see this as a gentile transformation from there fear of mankind’s evil. Carl Jung analyzed the presence of a hairy humanoid In dreams as the encroaching Inner beast.

Perhaps shaving represents mans futility and delusion that we have tamed nature. When really we are all very much her slave. The fact that my stubble returns every morning whilst I stand before my sink. Like king Canute trying to command the tide to retreat Is mad.

But I Just don’t like looking scruffy and having a beard is a hot Itchy mess. I sported on In 2013 when they were edgy, no they are abundant and boring. I use my safety razor my traditional shaving brush and my shaving cream and love the way that It temporally makes me feel. And If anyone wants to take my straight razor away from me. They will have to prize it from my cold dead hands.Psychology Mysticism and traditional shaving.