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Edwards Smoke Traditional shaving soap




Shaving soap

Edwards Smoke Traditional shaving soap. Will give you a top lather. For best results use a mug or bowl. Swirl a hot wet shaving brush on the soap then lather in the bowl and repeat say 4 times. 120 g of this handmade soap will last you over 6 months. Also natural and free of SLS or parabens this East end London Inspired she shaving soap. Which contains charcoal and sea salt will detox your skin whilst encouraging skin growth.

The Eel a symbol of the Cockneys resilience and strength Is present on the tin. Also the Ingredients are for the Thames estuary, clay for the earth, charcoal from It’s Industry. And scented with Juniper and lemon the bases of a Gin and Tonic London’s favorite drink.

Our laboratories In England lovingly make this cold process soap which sets In a large block, through trial and error we realize for a natural soap to create abundant lather. It needs to set In a large block through exothermic reaction.¬†¬†Edwards Smoke Traditional shaving soap will wallop your face with a high quality lather that Is firm. In the 1920’s a good shaving soap is tested by whether a man should be able to lather his face with a traditional shaving brush, answer the phone. Have a moderate length phone call and then return to his shave. I tried this accordingly and the soap although slightly colder held firm stead fast.

The text on the soap Is In Cockney rhyming slang for you to decipher, unless you already are fluent with the Mexican Gringo.

At Edwards traditional shaving Emporium, we want to bring you a large array of safety razors and shaving brushes. Shaving soaps and shaving sets. We also want to get It to you quick and without cost that’s why we don’t charge freight for the UK, and Internationally charge very little.

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