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Ikon B1 oss safety razor




Safety razor

Ikon B1 oss safety razor, are a mean machine In terms of razors. Also 115 g of US muscle, that Is handmade will take of any growth off your face. Also the 95 mm of OSS handle really Is a weighty stainless steel object. Engineered with precision to knurl the grip perfectly. More on the aggressive side of the traditional shaving tracks, this exceptional razor will not tarnish. Also due to the coating, the head Is basically bomb proof.

Edwards has marveled at the Ikon B1 oss traditional shaving safety razor, from afar and now It is a piece of his arsenal. This Is a mans razor when you feel It In your hands you will realize. Taking a double edged blade, Edwards has 8 varieties for you to choose from. With this piece of sturdiness, we would also recommend a firm blade like a Feather or a Muhle.

Ikon B1 oss safety razor

This stainless steel safety razor Is hand polished to a matt finish, we love the modern unique style of the Ikon B1 oss traditional shaving safety razor that It Is also entrenched In a early Gillette style that has evolved this great razor. Take the Gillette Fat boy for example.

We will send this most excellent of safety razors to you for free, If you live In the UK. Otherwise It will be a reasonable International price. We will also chuck In a free pack of Muhle blades.

This razor is a solid piece of  craftsmanship, there is an alternative designer aspect to this razor. It is a very cool looking piece as are a lot of Ikon’s. Only a small number of these razors are made each year, and Edward’s are lucky enough to get our hands on some. Some Ikon products are one of pieces of art, quite amazing.

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