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Muhle Stylo safety razor butterscotch


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Safety razor

The Muhle Stylo safety razor butterscotch. Butterscotch Is an old favourite for traditional shaving products, and It looks amazing on the  Muhle Stylo safety razor butterscotch. We love the wacky timeless colour. The razor Itself Is big 104 mm and heavy 72 g. The Stylo has a beautiful design, the use of a tear drop plated chrome pommel really finishes off It’s sleek look.The head Is closed comb and Is classed as middle aggressive, which gives a really great all round shave. As a traditional shaving safety razor, It works very well and we love the way It looks.

It is a 3 piece razor that fits double edged safety blades. We sell 8 different varieties, Including the Muhle traditional shaving blades. Edwards traditional shaving emporium, are an official retailer of Muhle. Who are a 70 year old German  shaving company.

Muhle Stylo safety razors butterscotch

They survived the war and still make you a great safety razor. Like this fine safety razor. As a company we try to provide the customer with a tailor made order depending on your hair growth and skin type. We also have a blog that Is full of traditional shaving tips. We have some really great product reviews on there. Edwards traditional shaving emporium are always keen for a chat too, why not give us a ring but try to keep It traditional shaving based. I mean we are busy people.

The Muhle Stylo safety razor butterscotch, Is a great razor it’s true.

The build of Muhle really is spot on. The engineering is flawless and all of the components are finished so well. The acrylic for example is polished several times to ensure a perfect gleam that doesn’t tarnish. The chrome is exceptional the quality control is a high spec it’s hard to ever find a flaw. That’s right Flawless.

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