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The Feather AS-D2S safety razor


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Safety razor

Edwards traditional shaving Emporium, are a big endorser of non aggressive safety razors. The Feather AS-DS2 safety razor, Is king of them all. Handcrafted out of the finest stainless steel In Seiko Japan, where there Is an ancient history of Samurai sword forging.

This safety razor will provide you with a safe high quality shave, as there Is a great deal of guard behind the blade. Feather razor blades are probably the most sort after, due to there sharpness.  The Feather AS-D2S safety razor comes with 5 spare blades. This safety razor Is traditional shaving at It’s finest, it feels perfect to hold and to use. Weighing 94g to It’s 99mm, It feels a solid and quality product. The handle has a knurled finish for a reassured grip, and It’s head has a wideness you can trust. The Stainless steel stand polishes this razor off to being quite the showpiece.

Everything about this razor Is quality, Even the box Is marvelous to look at, see pictures.

At Edwards traditional shaving emporium we love traditional shaving, and we want you to get the best out of our products and to find the best product for you. For example The Feather AS-D2S safety razor Is an every day razor to give you a precise close shave. The Irregular shaver may choose something a little more aggressive.

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