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Muhle R89 Safety razor chrome Grande


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Safety razor

The Muhle R89 Safety razor chrome Grande, we at Edwards love the R89. So what’s not to like about the Grande It’s bigger brother. Essentially the same razor but someone who want’s more control on the shave and certainly added weight.  It Is 14 g heavier than the R89, also It Is 107 mm to the R89’s 94 mm. It’s bigger! Still classed as a middle aggressive razor, this head will give you a close but protected shave. This is the bigger razor for perhaps the bigger man. Razors can be a bit small for the larger hand. It’s an Idea and probably a non discussed subject in the shaving world. So here you are safety razors for the bigger man.

Muhle R89 Safety razor chrome Grande

This handmade bounder of a razor, has a rolled patina on the handle. Giving It a wonderful effect on It’s chrome. The head still takes a standard D E blade so don’t worry. We suggest a strong blade like the free one provided by Muhle. Muhle’s home brand of blade are firm and hold a good edge for sometime. See In link for details.

Safety razors use a slightly different technique to cartridge razors, we recommend small strokes. We have a lot of really great information on our blog about razor technique. Why not have look big handed or not.

We have 7 other blade brands on the site. Shaving like this is a lot of fun and gives you a great end product.

We at Edward’s have loads of great Shaving tips on our blog for your Information. Please get into contact if you have any questions on the world of shaving. We would be more than happy to help.

Free UK delivery on Muhle R89 Safety razors chrome Grande Is another perk of using us a company.


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