Muhle R89 Traditional Safety Razor chrome


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Muhle R89

This Chrome bodied safety razor is great to feel, and to look at. The high quality of workmanship is visible, In the rolled lattice work on the handle. Muhle are an exceptional traditional shaving company. The Muhle R89 has a closed comb head, this creates some protection for the shaver, but still powerfully dominates any rogue hairs. This brass lined razor is perfectly weighted at 64 g, against It’s 94 mm length. Double edged blade compatible, the screw cap makes it so easy to change blades. Edward’s traditional shaving emporium, will provide you with a range of blades to choose from. We sell Muhle rust free blades which we rate well on our blog. We are official retailers of Muhle and luckily enough to be one of few companies to be able to say this.

The Muhle R89 has done exceptionally well in review’s and forums alike. If you were to purchase one, It is a trust worthy model, that has received no real criticism. Reflecting in price there is a lot of razor for your £31.50

Safety Razor

Your will receive a free blade with the Muhle R89 and also free UK delivery. We will also ship Internationally for a reasonable price. Safety razor’s are a Joy to use, It is recommended that you use a Pre shave oil as a lubricant for the skin.There Is also a different technique to a cartridge razors long strokes. The safety razor requires short strokes, and certainly for the beginner,I would suggest going with the grain.

For any shaving techniques please consult our blog, where there Is a wealth of Information on the subject. Or If you would prefer, you can always contact us by phone or email. As we do love a good natter about traditional shaving or as we are English maybe even the weather.

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