Muhle Liscio 3 blade black


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Muhle Liscio 3 blade black

The handle is a high grade resin in black. The contrast between the chrome is eye catching. The shape of the handle is perfect for grip and to reach any angle on the face you wish. This razor is the best of both worlds as it has a traditional shaving handle, but with a mach 3 compatible head.  Muhle are a great company for quality and shaving assurance, single bladed razors aren’t for everyone. That’s why we have sold a number of these to many happy clients. Generally the cartridge razor evolved for speed and efficiency, some people aren’t keen to use a safety razor in the morning. Especially if they are inexperienced, that’s why  a razor like the Muhle Liscio 3 blade black. Are a good buy for the speedy morning shaver, who want’s a piece of shaving class.

Shaving shop

Edward’s as a shaving shop, is keen to send you any merchandise by the next working day. We don’t sell spare cartridge blades although you will recieve one with the Muhle Liscio 3 blade black. So for refills you will need to get down to your local chemist. Sorry about that. I would still definitely recommend using a shaving brush and shaving cream or soap. Rather than a can of pressurized foam. Foam is a poor substitute for a hot brush. Although obviously a keen advocate for safety razors. I still use something to the Muhle Liscio 3 blade black, and I employ similar shaving techniques to that I have learnt with a safety razor.

For example you may be a little hairy after a holiday or music festival if you’re cool. I might employ the blade buff which is placing a razor on your face and rub back and forth. Not taking it off the skin is an important factor, and rubbing 1 inch each way.