Muhle Graphite Hexagon shaving set


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Muhle Graphite Hexagon shaving set

This highly engineered bespoke set is groundbreaking in design. The┬áMuhle Graphite Hexagon shaving set, is also a high end shaving experience. Also the safety razor will effectively carve off any hair it has in it’s wake. A closed comb head is a great way to shave, this is a good beginners razor. It is also a good all rounder as the owner may shave 7 times a week or once a week. It will also cater for any hair type even the gruffest of grains. It is a 94 mm razors to a 72 g which feels nice in the hand due to it’s practicle shape. The engineering is spot on it feels like taking apart a well oilled machine.

Shaving brush

The shaving brush is fiber but you would not realize it is not animal hair. This is the ethical option of traditional shaving so your vegan pals won’t slate you. The brush is the same shape as the razor and it is set in this rather fetching matt black or graphite. To me the set looks like a part of the Swedish stealth Navy. Another great feature is that the brush knot unscrews from the handle so you can clean it also you can replace is when it eventually wears out in a couple of decades. Also this fine set is accompanied by a rather lovely handmade stand. The materials of which are stainless steel.

Muhle are a great shaving company, there engineering is perfect and in many cases better than the more expensive items on the market. We have sold there safety razors since 2013, and we have not had one returned. This is a safe brand to choose from a great company as in Edward’s.

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Regards Edwards.