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The Fatip gold Gentila safety razor


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Safety razor

The Fatip gold Gentila traditional shaving safety razor, Is 66 g and also 80 mm long. The company started In the 1950’s and all of they’re designs are Art Deco. Also this particular model Is non aggressive. As opposed to the aggressive open comb model. This Fatip will provide you with a very safe shave, that you can rely on daily. Also In gold this Is a fine looking razor. In the mirror you will look like a member of the Cosa Nostra. To call the The Fatip gold Gentila razor, this thing of yours. Would be oh so good. I like that It Is short, and the engineering seems to be flawless. It easily competes with  razors on the market that are worth 10 x that of these excellent shavers. Buy this razor today and receive a pack of 10 Lord blades.

The Fatip gold Gentila safety razor

Not only that, but free delivery next day to your door. Will be our utter most duty. Further more please read our concise review of this model safety razor on our blog. It did very well and we at Edwards traditional shaving, are proud to be stockists of this exclusive brand. This 3 piece chrome razor sandwiches a double edged blade between the head with a screw cap. Fortunately all double edged blades will fit this safety razor and we have 8 excellent brands for you to choose from. The Fatip gold Gentila  razor, Is easily maintained by unscrewing and rinsing after use. I like to dry my safety razors but that’s Just me. Owning a a razor like this Is something to be proud of rather than so many modern razors you let get grimy and lob next to the sink.

If you are looking for a aggressive razor, check out It’s open comb brother, wow what a snarling beast. Pictured below.

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