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Edwards Silver tip baiter brush


We are very proud of the Badger Baiter silvertip brush.

It is our first shaving brush and it is a magnificent piece, towering at 11omm it boast’s a plume of silvertip Manchurian badger.

Standing at 105mm.

35mm in width.

Silvertip is the highest grade of badger hair being the softest and warmest.

The handle is a high quality acrylic for weight and durability,

Off course the Baiter is embossed with the famed Edwards traditional shaving emporium Logo.



The Edwards Silver tip baiter brush is a ferocious beast, she will daringly snap up your shaving cream and soap.

She will ravenously pummel your boat race with a soft richest lather.

The razor of your choice will glide majestically through the shaving soap, as if a mythological creature.

Whether it be a DE safety razor or a Straight razor.

The Edwards Silver tip baiter brush will succeed over any other.

The base is an acrylic, the hair taken from the highest grade hair being from its neck.

This being the most exorbitant and the warmest.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is a relaxing joy and the use of a traditional shaving brush of this calibre is a must for any man’s regime.

It is a large piece, of course embossed, with the astonishingly trendy Edwards traditional shaving emporium logo.

A good brush last’s a decade if you treat it well.

I suggest rinse well and leave to dry upright.

The Edwards Silver tip baiter brush will look after you if you do the same.

I would recommend sitting the Edwards Silver tip baiter brush, In a warm sink for a minuet or two before use.

Also i would do the same with your face remembering to breath.