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Dovo shavette Edwards shaving





The Dovo shavette Edwards shaving, Is a fashionable way to shave. Also replaceable blades gives this product easy maintenance. Dovo are a German 1933 company. Also making pound for pound the best straight razor on the planet. Shavette’s are often cheap looking and to the touch. Where as the Dovo shavette Edwards shaving has a stainless steel handle, and a great build quality. Also remember barbers use these razors for  professional shaving. Therefore you will also get great results providing you use It correctly.

The double edged blades It takes are disposable. You just snap a regular D E blade In half, down the middle then Insert Into the catch. You can dispose each time like a barber, but the blades we sell will last well over 5 shaves. Free delivery In the UK on these great razors Is a nice touch from us. We at Edward’s have an International freight of £8.50.

We have 8 varieties of blades to choose from. For a shavette, we suggest a good firm blade like a Muhle or Feather. A shaving technique we would use, would be to not stretch the skin. Blade buffing on loose skin Is a great way to shave well. Leaving the blade on the skin and rubbing back and forward hence the blade buffing.

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