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Dovo Bergischer straight razor





Dovo Bergischer Lowe traditional shaving straight razor, perhaps our finest straight razor. This 5/8 ” German razor Is gold washed and so very well decorated. Also carbon steel for a strong edge that will need less maintenance than the other metals. The style of this most elegant of razors Is a spike or square point. Also lending an aggressive look to the cut throat.

The markings are representative of the Duchy of Bergischer which Is a southern German region and ancient house of aristocracy. The handle Is buffalo horn so colors will vary as this Is a natural material. Pressed and then polished several times to bring out the swirls and deep shades.

Being a straight razor you will need a strop, at Edwards traditional shaving we would recommend the Dovo strop which we have Included a link too. Stropping method wise, we suggest a 8 strokes on canvas to 8 strokes on leather. Also finishing on leather Is Important.

Traditional shaving with a razor of the quality of the Dovo Bergischer Lowe traditional shaving straight razor, makes you feel like you are the select few men who deserve such an experience. This straight razor with care like rinsing and drying with a cloth and keeping It dry. Will last you for ever and you will can give It too your first born as a family heirloom.

This is no doubt a hugely elegant razor from the masters at Dovo. The inscription for example is perfect and is such a mark of quality. I can look at this razor all day. The guilded spine is just wonderful and another feature to make this trully a wonderful razor. Shaving with a cut throat is easy as there is a wide blade area. This provides a safety net, it really doesn’t live up to it’s feared name.

How safe is a safety razor?