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Boker King cutter straight razor


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The Boker King cutter Straight razor. Is great for the manhood. This 5/8 s blade Is also stainless steel. Which is at Edward’s, our favorite blade material. Mainly because you can hone them with relative ease. The scales are acrylic and the Boker tree logo is stamped in nickle on them. We love the strong etching on the blade the branding Is perfect.

You will need a strop, no doubt about that. You cannot have one without the other. We sell a perfect dovo strop, with a canvas back. Boker are a German company from the region of Solingen. Which is the German equivalent to Sheffield England. The Boker King cutter Straight razor. Is a product of this.

Straight razor’s are a great fun razors to use. They are actually very safe. The blade is so long it stops you cutting yourself. Also the level of shave you get from a well honed blade. Is another level.  It’s a good thing to master the old ways of shaving. I find it gives me a zen like feeling.

Also this fine company have been making razors since 1869. So by now they have mastered the dutiful skill. Shaving with a straight razor Is a lot of fun. It gives you a esteem that no other razor brings.