Osma traditional shaving oil review

by Edwardo

Osma has been a shaving company based in France since the middle Victorian era and they’re laboratories still make the old recipes. It has been a brand sold by Edward’s since the beginning and  predominantly we sold they’re goats milk traditional shaving soap. Which I found particularly soothing. Using there shaving oil today initially hit me with an almond scent. The feel of the oil is warming as I massaged my stubble and of course neck which is where I get shaving rash.

There is some debate around the application of the traditional shaving oil pre or post water. I went for post but am keen to try the former as i think it could work better as a protective layer. After a modest layer of Osma shaving oil I started with my shaving cream and brush then went for it with my mach 3. The shave was excellent it seems to not only protect my skin but it seems to soften the hair thus making it cut easier  it also comes off in clumps.