Safety razor shaving has become increasingly popular in recent times. This is definitely due to peoples awakening of plastic in our sea. As the seas are all linked this is a global problem. Despite 90 percent of the issue coming from several rivers that aren’t in Europe. We at Edward’s strive to do our bit. It turns out that number seven of consumerable plastic products. Which are most pollutant are shaving products. This includes the disposable Bic type razor. Also the cartridge razor which is the prevailing razor of modern times.

Traditional shaving is non plastic. However one thing to watch is packaging if you are a purist. At Edward’s we sell a range of blades that are cardboard packed. The blades are single material steel. These items are pretty much thin enough too biodegrade in landfill. Unlike it’s plastic predecessor which cells end up in the sea. Then back onto our plates in fishes stomachs.

The only real danger of safety razor blades is them cutting bin mens hands. Also storage in your house is important as you dont want toddlers opening up paper blade packets. Or a greater crime is if you just leave them lying around open. Before I throw an old blade away, I always rap it in the new blades packet. Then that will go straight into the bin.

Anti plastic shaving subscription.

We are very proud of our ethical shaving subscription. It contains our brilliant safety razor and two months of quality blades. Also tinned shaving creams and soaps. The first packages includes a Edward’s shaving brush that has fiber bristles. No animal hair in this set. Every two months we will replenish your kit as a part of the service. You can also cancel it anytime you wish. For those who don’t want to sign up can purchase a one off set that is non plastic for £55. A great price to save the planet.

Safety razor

Shaving with a safety razor feels like you are taking back your control. It is economically better as the blades are cheaper. Also you aren’t hurting the planet or paying massive cartridge razor fees. It is also a cleaner way to shave, as there is very little bacteria build up on the blade. cartridge razors get grime in between the gaps. Seemingly shaving with one can lead to razor burn. Why not invest into safety razor shaving. As the benefits seem to be endless.

We have a large range of safety razors at Edward’s. We are considered as experts in these brilliant razors also. We offer guidance with shaving technique. Which is not what a lot of other companies provide. We want to get you the right razor too. As the worst case scenario for us is selling you a razor and not fitting your individual needs. What would be worse is you using improper techniques that will not get the best out of these brilliant products.

Get in touch via email and we will answer any questions you have.

Regards the team.

Shaving with a safety razor