Safety razor

Muhle shaving culture is a wonderful thing. Now taking a life style ethos also in recent years. They have really embraced Germanies rich design history. If you take into account the new Hexagon range designed by the Berlin based designer Mark Braun. Who is a bohemian new age designer of furniture and also watches. Now he has been comissioned to make a safety razor range along with shaving brushes and shaving sets.

The Hexagon range is made of anodized aluminium, and chrome. This process lends an Irradecent sheen to the shaving products. A lot of thought went into the colours being several of which. Forest green, Bronze and Graphite. There is a dull matting to the Graphite which is quite unique. Also a striking element is the shape of the handles, being hexagon hense the name of the range. I was intrigued although sceptacle about the ease of shaving but it seems to aid the process, as opposed to wet chrome that is sometimes slippery. The hexagon range barrels are flat and with the matt finish it creates a great grip.

The head and body of the razors are well engineered when screwing it together it feels like they are one of the same component. All handles in the range are stamped with the Muhle name, but also the companies coordinates. Which lends it a fantastic military vibe.

Muhle Hexagon shaving range

Muhle have put emphasis into fiber brushes in recent years, making an ethical option for those who realize shaving with a brush is far better than foam. They also might have modern ethics around the fur trade. Therefore the Hexagon range has a vegan dopelganger being that you have an option of silver tip or fiber brushes. Also the knots are changeable by a screw mechanism, which is unique to any shaving brush on the market. I am not to bothered about this as a feature though as the silvertip brushes last well over the decade, Therefore I’m sure the synthetic counterpart will be basically bomb proof. Also as a non disposable plastic also don’t worry about any of it ending up in the water system.

The stands are unique to the Hexagon range, and stainless steel. It has an unusual angle of holding the razor and brush pictured. This is also somehow quite a compact set, as it doesn’t take up to much space.

I can understand Muhle’s decision to move into the realms of modernist design. As In our experience the Hipsters or super cool under 40s, don’t really care what they shave with. Our data shows this. Also the Hipster craze of the beard warrents no safety razor. The Hexagon range is marketed at the style conscious shaver or maybe even to convert. The Hexagon range is akin to the Bauhaus design movement also from Germany. Although it is now 100 years old the design school made products to be futuristic. So now we have in a way finally caught up.

Muhle Hexagon shaving set forest