Mitchell’s traditional shaving soap

Mitchell’s traditional shaving soap

By Edward


This 100 year old Yorkshire companies traditional shaving soap. Is something so regionally genuine, and historically Interesting. I had to write about it.

Since the eighteenth century Yorkshire and the surrounding English Counties have had wool and then cotton and wool mills. Although historically these were sad places wear children lived in slave like conditions. These conditions Improved over the years but the industry pretty much died in the nineteen seventies.

The wool Industry had a bi product being wool fat it was in fact processed to disperse from the wool. Reclaimed mill stone floors are unsellable because it seeps out of the ancient flags much to the salvage companies dismay.

The fat was analysed by one of the workers in the nineteen thirties who noticed that mill workers hands were always so very soft this he found was due to the Lanonin which is rich with nutrients for the skin.

Tallow fat has been used in the soap industry for a long time but this wool fat is superior and of course Ingeniously renewable.

Mitchell’s traditional wool fat shaving soap, makes a great shave and cleanses the face wonderfully. It will last you around six months of everyday shaving. As it is a hard soap it will take a bit of work to lather, nonetheless It will be worth it as your face will feel renewed.

It comes in a ceramic pot which contains 125g.

If you traditionally shave then use a traditional shaving soap. Mitchell’s wool Fat shaving soap is a great piece of History.